Meet the Spumoni Family


Sspumoni-gelato-edited-5o, here it is. I have been “threatening” to start a blog for a while. But with preparation to adopt, bringing the baby home, becoming a new Mom, then going back to work…It never happened…until now. Keeping up with Facebook posts and keeping Baby Log is enough! (I post what I call “the DC Report =Daycare Report almost every day. More on that another time…) But finally, here we are, as we are coming up on the anniversary of being matched with our rambunctious 8-month old “CC”. I think it’s time.

We are the Spumoni Family. Spumoni is a delicious Italian dessert made of layers of ice cream, whipped cream, candied fruit, and nuts. Each layer contains different flavors and ingredients. And that’s what makes it so yummy and beautiful to look at.

We are kind of like that. I am Japanese, my husband is White, and our baby is African American. And, see, like Spumoni, each of us have different “flavors” – personalities and backgrounds, but all of our flavors make us a “yummy” family, and hopefully, we are beautiful to look at, reflecting our ABBA Father’s love and a picture of heaven. And we are a bit “nutty” to boot!

The three of us are not related by blood, but for sure, we are family, knitted together by God.

I love being a Mom and I love being an advocate for adoption! There are a ton of adoption blogs out there. Why write another one? My experience is very limited as we have done only one adoption, and we’ve been parents for only 8 months. But while we were in a holding pattern and then while waiting and training, I have learned so much. About adoption in general. About the language of adoption. About bonding. About brain development. About fundraising. About misconceptions. About racial issues. About being a mom. And I also learned more about being pro-life. About foster care. About some unsightly things…the rescue mentality of adoption community and the tragedy that could have been avoided if all parties involved were more educated.

Our adoption is probably the most ideal situation and probably not a “everyday” kind of adoption. We have an open adoption. The biological parents of our baby are happily married. The bio-mom, who I call “Tummy Mommy” and my “Heart Sister” have an amazing relationship. I just plain think that she is one of the most amazing, loving and sacrificial woman.

The Lord filled my heart with compassion and love toward children. Adoptive children. Foster children. Children from hard places. Adoptive families. Foster families. Bio-families. Compassion toward formally abortion-minded Moms, but who decided to choose life and decided to parent the baby herself…

So, I’d like to share my thoughts, musings, experiences and more in this blog.

I hope you’ll visit again.

Kip, Kody & CC


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