Reunion with Tummy Mommy


Wow, where did the time go? I’ve been wanted to tell you about last Friday. About how it went with “D”, CC’s Tummy Mommy and how my being on the panel of adoptive parents at the information meeting for the prospective adoptive families at Bethany (our adoption agency) went. But with CC’s new feeding stage and everything (I’m making home-made yummies!), I’ve had some “oops, I slept on the couch again” nights, though I’ve been trying to write this.

It was a wonderful day. A full, but a wonderful day, nonetheless. Yup, I booked both events on the same day, thus a full day! Both went extremely well!
CC’s big brother who is closest in age among the five siblings, couldn’t make it as planned due to his being sick. That was a disappointment. But it only made us more eager to get together soon again. Plus, it all worked out because without another child to entertain and take care of, “D” could totally enjoy holding Connor.

Everything was so natural. No awkwardness. “Hi! So good to see you!” came out of both of our mouths as we smiled and hugged. Then she looked at CC with a big smile, “Wow, you’ve gotten big!” CC was having a bottle, and as she sat down at a local McDonald’s across from the restaurant we originally planned meet. We met there because the restaurant she wanted to go to didn’t open until 11AM and I had to leave at 12:15. I wanted our time to be maximized, so I suggested to meet earlier at McDonald’s.
As I said earlier, It was extremely natural for me and “Would you like to feed him?” came easily out of my mouth as I handed her the home-made baby food. She was DELIGHTED. CC didn’t blink an eye either. After he finished, again, just naturally, I asked he if she would like to hold him.

CC used to smile at everyone almost indiscriminately until recently. Lately, he has a little bit of a stranger anxiety. He had that look for a second. Then he looked at her like “I know you! I can’t quite remember how, but I know you!” It was a cute look. I encouraged him “She’s your Tummy Mommy! Remember? You see her face in the picture book?” and as he heard me speak, he smiled. Now everything was all good! He sat on her lap as we chatted. She took selfies with him with a big, loving smile on her face as CC looked through the book that has pictures of all his family, Mama and Daddy, Tummy Mommy and Tummy Daddy and all the kids. “D” really liked that CC has that book. Catching up with her went like a flash! 30 minutes disappeared “just like that”.

Then we walked to the restaurant where we originally planned to meet. She showed me some recent pictures of her kids, told me how they are doing, saw a video of the budding singer/dancer that is her second daughter. I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET THEM!

I shared with her that Bethany wanted me to ask her too, to come on the panel, but I just didn’t know how we would feel after the first meeting…could’ve been emotional…so I didn’t ask her to join me, though I told Bethany they could ask her. Without skipping a beat, she said “Oh, I would have come! It would have been fun to ride with you all too! Well, just let me know next time.” I should have known! She is so darn honest. I mean, she is like me! I didn’t mind sharing my experience with prospective adoptive families. Neither does she! So, we will be a team from next time on. Bring it!

She kept on smiling. And she said “you know, I cried only once. I cried in the shower when I got home from the hospital. But all the while, I knew I was carrying him for you. God chose me to carry him for the family he was intended for.” – I was paying my bill, fishing for my card, trying to prevent CC from taking my pen away. I STOPPED. I looked at her. “Thank you. You are such a remarkable lady”.

We are making plans to get together again. With the whole family. A picnic. That will be so fun. As we parted our ways, she gave me a bag-full of clothes for CC that his brothers wore. (He’s totally set for the year! It took me almost two hours to sort and put away!) And some new outfits and a toy. Among those, was a lovey that was made by her aunt, which her oldest boy used, then passed on to all the boys. “Would you mind?” Absolutely not! CC is now sleeping with is. How cute.

Boy, o boy, there’s a lot to tell about Bethany Information Meeting, but I will save that to another time.

Thanks for reading. Keep on loving!

(Cover picture : A collage of CC with a bag of clothes given to him from his birth family; CC sporting his older brother’s clothes; CC holding on to the heirloom lovey; CC w Tummy Mommy looking at (or chewing on) the Family Picture Book – he’s biting his brother! LOL!)

I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it. Psalm 81:10




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